Saturday, September 17, 2011

a winner, a wall and an escape...

Good morning everyone, sorry there's no card this morning, I made one but didn't get it finished in time to take photos so I will be back later with one to show you... but in the meantime I do have a few things to show you that have been building up from when I was at the farmhouse, the first is my Ikea box frame I bought, I used some of the leftover wallpaper from the Dining room and a Martha Stewart punch and made this...I said to Phil what do you think, he said its nice (I hate the word nice don't you as it doesn't mean anything really) but one of your butterflies has escaped thats the nickname we have given it, The Escape

this is the wallpapering I did while I was there, its a lot lot brighter than I remembered it but I'm sure we will get used to it and I hate the marble fireplace so any ideas you have for it would be greatly appreciated, we cant rip it out atm and I haven't a clue if you can stain marble...what do you think?
And finally no I haven't forgotten bet you were all fed up waiting...we have a winner of this months Bunny Zoe's Crafts monthly candy.....the random number thingy says its....

huge congratulations Andrea and if you can email me your postal address we will get your prize to you asap

I havent a clue what we are doing today, if anything, I feel so sorry for poor Phil as he took this week off on holiday so we could spend some time together doing the things we talk about when hes away and he had to put up with me being send him a virtual hug everyone he deserves it...I will speak to you all later when I come back with my card, whatever your up to today have a brilliant one

Mina xxx


paola said...

I absolutely love what you did in the frame with your butterflies and since i have been looking for decor ideas for my new craft room i may have to steal this idea, stunning

My'scardcorner said...

I too love your butterliy escape brilliant idea. Love the wallpaper too you are slowly getting there.Well done Andrea enjoy your prize and glad you are starting to feel better. Bad luck that hubby was home on holiday for treats but luckily for you when you were ill. Enjoy your week end.

THERESA said...

Virtual hug on it's way {{{{....}}}}}
Nice is also to me meaningless, so agree!!!!
This is absolutely stunning, love the one getting away, striking!!!
With the marble, you might try sanding it with a rough grain sandpaper,try right at the bottom 1st, just to see if it works, should give stain or paint a chance to stick, let me know how it goes.....:))
lotsa luv

Mummylade said...

awww, he can have two =).

I totally agree on the nice-situation, pointless word.

Jackie said...

What a great idea with the flutterbies. Stain a marble fireplace - shudder - if it's real marble it could be worth waiting until you can remove it and then offer it for sale! :o)
Jackie xx

knopkiniukai said...

Hugs and take care !!!
Beautiful :))))

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Wow, such a beautiful butterfly project.
Clare x

Marion said...

Hi Mina,
Love what you did with the frame. No suggestions from me on the fireplace.
Hope somebody can come up with an answer for you.
Hope you are much better now.
I am just starting to get my energy back, but if I do too much I seem to have a relapse. Hey Ho.
Have a good weekend.

Maureen said...

Congratulations to Andrea, enjoy your prize. Hope you are feeling better soon Mina and I love the butterflies.

Chrissy said...

Guilty...I've said the word 'nice'
I will never say that again....
but I can make up for it for your marble fireplace...
Found that for you,just what you might need, and the L is really not there, dont add it on.


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Aw sending you both a virtual hug. Hope you are better. Love that butterfly frame. I had a comment on blog recently - nice card. I thought the same as you as I thought it was more than nice. Your escape is definitely more than nice, gorgeous. Marianne x

Kim said...

What a great frame idea, I love it.
Gr. Kim

Grenouille Greetings said...

Love your zingy wall paper. I don't think you can paint marble but you could cover the uprights and top shelf with wood and just leave the hearth marble. It would be the same type of construction as a radiator cover only made to go around the upright plinths only and with a feature edge on the top to hang over the marble. I can see it in my head but it's hard to explain.
Your Lepidoptera Escape is so pretty. I am tempted to make one myself!!! Hugs, Lesley

Janette said...

Morning Mina, LOVE the frame, so gorgeous and I do like the way one has flown off the 'grid' thought out......the decor looks brilliant, sorry I can't help about the fireplace, I LOVE even if I did know I wouldn't

Sue said...

Mina,I love your escape picture,it's fab.Virtual hug on it's way {{{{....}}}}} to your Phil and you hope you are getting better.
Sorry can't offer help with your fireplace.
Sue xx

heidy said...

Oh Mina I love your butterfly frame,it's not nice it's gorgeous!!
And your wallpaper is also beautiful!
XXX Heidy

Jane said...

Sending a ship over to bring you back here to redecorate my house!!! xx

Exclusively by Mel said...

WOW I love your butterflies!!
Superb idea :)
And the wallpaper is lush.
Sending a big hug to Phil.
Love, Mel. xx

angelique (anlou) said...

hiya sweetie
how lovely the butterfly's
the wall paper is not my taste
congrats to andrea, enjoy hun
a virtual hug for your hubby and you to sweetie, i hope he get's better soon
have a great weekend sweetie
hugs angelique

Maris said...

hi mina woww love the butterfly frame what a great idea, love the wallpaper too xx

Pink Dandelion said...

Wow love your butterfly frame and your wallpaper is fab. Chrissy's idea about the stone paint looks a great stopgap until you can afford a new fireplace. Debs xx

Barbara said...

Hi Mina, hope you are soon feeling better, love the butterflies and the wallpaper, very, very NICE!! lol! Virtual hugs to you both((((...)))) No ideas about the fireplace apart from trying to paint it.

Hugs, Barbara xx

Liz's creative corner said...

Gorgeous box hun, love the paper too, hope your feeling better soon, can't help with the fire place hun, mines marble too lol, hugs Liz xx

coops said...

stunning picture mina.i love how the one butterfly is fluttering away :D
great wallpaper, same colour as mine and almost the same design :D
can you not buy a spray paint for marble??

xx coops xx

CraftyLoops said...

Mina you are so creative, I love this picture and the frame is beautiful. And what a fabulous wallpapering job.....Ive my kitchen to do if you need something else to do......? No? Worth a try. Well done to the candy winner and thank you again for your generous candy offerings. Lee xx

Andrea said...

Woohoo! Thank you to Mr Random Thingy for picking me - will send an e-mail to you.
Your butterfly piccie looks so gorgeous - and I love your green wallpaper too! Sorry, I have no ideas about the mantlepiece - we have so much in our house that I have no idea what to do with LOL!
Love, Andrea xx

Christine L said...

Firstly - a virtual hug for Phil (and one for you too!! LOL)

Secondly - I LOVE the escape... What a perfect way to use an MS punch! And I agree.... I was told at school NEVER to use the word 'nice' as there was always a better word! Sooooooooo it's FAB!

Christine x

cockney blonde said...

Hugs for Phil before I forget, lol. Love the piccie, how original. As for the wallpaper, I quite like it, in fact I really like it, x

Judith Logan said...

Hi Mina, love your "escaped butterfly." Very novel idea for decorating the wall! I`m new to blogging and I see on your blog (and a few others) that they have "my free copyright" thingymijig. Is it necessary to do this, I thought all work like this was automatically protected by blogger!? any tips would be appreciated! thanks, Judith

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