Saturday, September 14, 2013

time for something different...

Good morning everyone...nope still no know your in trouble when you are met at your craft room door by a cobweb don't you lol...I have a load of things to print today so I will give it another try, I sat yesterday gazing at two images on my desk and nothing at in the meantime a friend of mine asked ages ago for this recipe as its super fast and so so easy...and of course delicious...its my super fast seafood pasta so I hope you dont mind me posting this instead of a card

ok now recipe
this is for two people with leftovers enough for a lunch for Phil
8 nice firm ripe tomatoes
tomato puree or paste
small pack of prawns or whatever seafood you like
this would work well with fish too but pick a firmish
one so it doesn't break up too much or if your
on a store cupboard day use a tin of drained tuna
4 shallots (I prefer shallots they have a gentler sweeter flavour)
garlic cloves (as many as takes your fancy we like garlic so use four)

peel and deseed your tomato's, if you don't know how and I know you probably do but just in case...cut a cross into the bottom of each tomato and place them in a large bowl cover in bowling water (I use kettle boiled) and drain after about 15-20 seconds, don't leave them longer as they will semi cook and fall to bits when you peel them...cut in half cut out the core then I use a spoon to scoop out the seed part, I also wear rubber gloves as I hate the red under my nails it stays there forever lol...when they are peeled and deseeded dice them and put aside...chop your shallots very small and your a large frying pan add a good glug of olive oil and a large chunk of butter...the butter is for flavour and the olive oil to stop the butter burning...add the shallots and garlic and seat them off on a low/medium heat...don't fry or colour them as garlic when it fries can taste a little bitter and will taint your seafood...after five mins sweating them off they should go transparent...add your tomato's and give them a stir together while they cook together...add salt to taste and a large pinch of sugar (I know that sounds odd but it brings out the flavour of the tomato's...add a good squeeze of tomato paste
 it should look something like this below

cook together on medium heat stirring so it doesn't catch now and again for another five minuets, taste now and add whatever you think or not its up to you...add your seafood and cook together for about five minuets more...while your making this cook your pasta and garlic bread

it will look like this when served, I always add Parmesan as I cant resist but a bit of chopped parsley or basil is lush too

add a man you love and a glass of wine and enjoy...this is not from any recipe book as I made it up with leftovers one day so I don't have measurements...I hope its easy to understand...wish me luck with finding my mojo today and whatever your up to I hope its an exciting fun day for you and those you love
Mina xxx


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Oh Mina, do miss seeing your beautiful cards but hope your mojo soon returns. This looks delish. I have some candy if you would like to hop over, might help your mojo xx

Irene said...

Sooooo sorry mojo is still wandering Mina but your recipe looks yummy.
Have guests next weekend so guess what's on my table with a huge salad on the side?? Thanks and take care, give it time and it will all come back I'm sure!!

xx Irene

Still haven't shopped: everything I like is sold out but I'm in no hurry!!

Ali said...

Looks delicious!! I think my mojo is looking for yours!!! lol xx Take care xxx

Linda Compton said...

Mmmmm. Kinda like a Shrimp Creole. Sounds delish. Have a happy rest of the weekend.

Kit said...

This looks yummy.
I know exactly how you feel. I have days, weeks where my mojo goes completely. Hope you find it again soon so you can dust the cobwebs off of your craft room door :)

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