Saturday, January 26, 2013

you cant beat a good cry...

Good morning everyone well its a bit warmer here and yah we have heat at was like a tropical beach in here last night lol...its it weird how many things you take for granted...but at least we are toasty warm now...well its my day to show you some things I have found over the last few weeks to hopefully inspire, make you laugh and maybe even a few first link is one of those sites you could stay on all day tea and cake needed for a visit
there is a bit of everything on this, crafting, recipes and loads loads more so next isn't a link but a photo...its one of those photos that shouldn't be funny but so are

this red tailed hawk was found like this in Long Beach, California...the hungry bird had gobbled down a whole coot and then lay like this in a stupor...look at the look on its face lol...don't worry though it was rescued and set free the next day after it had 'recovered' from its huge meal...aaaaahhhh the perils of greed lol
the last one I have to apologise for as its a guarantee to make you bubble like a touching and full of love and you cant beat a good cry can you

while your there have a mooch through Godvine if you have time, dont worry its not just for religious people but there is loads on there to keep you entertained for hours and hours and hours and hours, stuff to make you laugh, be astonished and cry if you fancy a blub...I go on there quite often for a little mooch around well I hope you enjoy my links today and enjoy your surf...oh and don't forget the coffee/tea and cake
Mina xxx


Grenouille Greetings said...

Cried so hard at the Bridal Dance clip that I'll have to come back for the rest!!! Have a lovely weekend, Mina, and thanks for sharing! Hugs, Lesley

Anne said...

My new Daughter in Law danced to that with her father at her wedding. He was losing her as she was coming to the UK from the USA to be with my son. It was very touching, I hadn't heard it before then.

Cyprus Anne

Mojca said...

Waw the bridal dance is really touching. thank you fro all the links Mina and have a lovely weekend. hugs! Mojca

Grenouille Greetings said...

Just thought I'd pop back to say I loved your other sites too, Mina, and spent A G E S there!!! Hugs, Lesley

Adriana said...


mags said...

Thanks for sharing Mina. Just had a little cry watching the Bridal Dance.
So touching. Will certainly be checking out the other links.
Had to have a smile at the birdie picture too.

Rebecca/Sydney's Sentiments said...

This song makes me cry each time I hear it. This video was so touching.

Loved the bird! My sister has 5 parrots and I can so see one of them doing this if she didn't watch what they eat. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs, Robin

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