Saturday, February 02, 2013

now thats what I call a bad day

Good morning everyone I hope your having a wonderful weekend so far...poor Phil has to work today so there will be no little jaunts out for us...but never mind a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do and its his turn to be in charge at the weekend so theres no use moaning about it...well I could but no one would listen anyway lol...right now here's some lush info sites and a photo that really made me laugh out loud...the first is a blog called The Red Thread blog, its by Lisa Tilse, a designer, crafter, and maker and packed full of information, downloads and inspirational goodies so another tea and cake site I'm afraid, shes one of those people that are so multi talented she makes you green lol

next is this hilarious photo I found on Facebook on The Secret to Humor is Suprise I'm afraid I don't know who its from so if anyone knows please let me know so I can add their name to the this is the kinda photo that makes you think no matter how bad your day is its not that bad isn't it lol

the last link is for one of my all time favourite paper range but this blog is just jam packed with the lushest makes and papers and goodies from the fabulous Graphic45 range...they have the most amazing DT, so talented and so inspirational enjoy

well that's it for this Saturday except one little thing...what should I call this information Saturday post thingy I'm doing?, any ideas?...well I'm off out for coffee with my lovely Dad and might even have a mooch in town, you never know...whatever your up to have fun surfing everyone
Mina xxx


Chrissy said...

I think you said the name at the end of your post Mina..."Surfin Saturday with Mina"...and that poor girl on the bird too, look how his head is bent...great for a surf.


Tine said...

Hi Mina. Have a fab day with your dad. Hope you both manage to keep warm enough as it is a bit chilly here.

Sadly, I cannot actually get to the Red Thread site as my antivirus isn't too happy about the idea of me going there! I am sure it is an interesting site.
Have a great weekend,
Tine :)

Mojca said...

Oh waw the picture really is scary :))) Thank you for sharing the beautiful links with us and have a great day with your dad. hugs! Mojca

mags said...

Thanks for sharing the links Mina and that photo did make me chuckle.

mags said...

Thanks for sharing the links Mina and that photo did make me chuckle.

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