Saturday, February 16, 2013

Surfs up...

Good morning everyone, well I finally managed to get online and upload at 10pm last bad is that, every time I ring Bt they say they are working on the lines in our area and normal service  will be resumed as soon as possible...I must remember that for the next bill that comes in lol...anyway I'm finally online and just in time for the Saturday Surf up too...before I give you a few links omg did you see the Russian Meteor yesterday? I only heard snippets on the tv but got a real look last scary is that...did you hear the bang?...have a look at this  

and see how scary it was IRL...they would have found me under my bed hiding but the wonderful Russians just seemed to take it all in their stride didn't brave are those people?
Right now onto my first inspirational link for today...this is a fantastic site, don't be put off by the Period Living title as it gives so much inspiration and has been known to make me drool with envy there are so many wonderful things on it and brilliant links too

a coffee and cake site and maybe even two next link isn't my usual sort of link...its actually a huge massive inspirational shop...totally addictive and when I go on I cant stop looking at all the yummy scrummy stuff...havent bought anything though, I just go for a look and a bit of a drool...Fab is full of aspirational know the kind of things, the sort that you didnt know you wanted until you saw it lol

all being well I will be back with a normal card post tomorrow, Im off out with my Dad today as poor Phil is working (again)...they are so busy atm he dosent have a second, dont get me wrong Im not complaining as Im so pleased he has a good job when others arent so lucky, but seeing him every now and again without him falling asleep would be good...are the garden centres open yet I wonder I would love to go buy some flowers for pots on the deck but maybe its a bit early? ...whatever your up to today enjoy your surfing and dont forget your piece of cake for it
Mina xxx

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Mojca said...

Brilliant links Mina. Thank you for sharing with us. Hugs! Mojca

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