Sunday, February 24, 2013


Good morning everyone...did you all join in my new candy yet?, if not the link is at the top of my sidebar...we had a lovely day yesterday, a bit of shopping, lunch a bit more shopping then home in front of a roaring fire and boy did we need a fire last night...can you believe I was raving about the sunshine last week and it started to snow yesterday afternoon and last night was -6c bbbbbbrrrrrrrrr...see I told you, hang about and we will have another season didn't I lol...because of my new candy yesterday surf Saturday is today instead and to start, I love this so much I might even print it out and put it on my fridge lol

it just sums up crafters don't you think...I think most of us have a love/hate relationship with housework...mainly because it interrupts our crafting lol...I found it on facebook last first link for you today is a fabulous site, with some horror and some amazing cakes on it called
Cake Wrecks
have a look and see some of the horrific wedding cakes that some poor brides had to put up with....its a defo coffee and cake site...enjoy the drooling lol

my second site for you I don't have a picture for but just click on the name to go there...can you ever see too many pictures of super cute and funny animals...nope?, me neither...
The Internets Animals
is another brilliant visual site that will have you chuckling and ooooohhhhhing and aaaaahhhhhing to your hearts crafting sites this week I will save them for the next time...have fun surfing...we are having our beautiful Daughter and her other half coming for dinner tonight so Phil will be cooking pies and I will be making a cheesecake, yum yum...have a great Sunday everyone and before I leave you in peace click
and read this, it will give you a massive feel good rush and restore your faith in human nature
Mina xxx


coops said...

fabulous links today especially those :D
have a good sunday.

xx coops xx

Mojca said...

Oh the last link is super neat, love the acts of kindness it really fills your heart with hope that not all humans are dumb asses!!!! (sorry for a rude word but I can't help myself in the situation that we live in at the moment). Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, I've been shoveling all day and it's still snowing ... grr. Take care! Hugs! Mojca

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